Position Imaging Working to Address Multi-Unit Package Delivery Logistics

Posted On January 22, 2022

Originally Posted at WebPro News

Position Imaging has announced its Smart Package Room Partner Program, designed to help multi-unit properties deal with package deliveries.

The global pandemic has upended the retail market, with consumers relying on home deliveries more than ever. The increased number of deliveries has put a strain on multi-unit properties, requiring staff to manage the influx of packages and work to get them to the right residents.

Position Imaging has developed a solution: the Smart Package Room. The solution is a computer-vision-driven system designed to allow package delivery services to drop packages off, and residents to pick them up at their convenience — 24/7 access combined with theft mitigation features.

Position Imaging is making its solution available to its partners via a reseller and referral program.

“The partnership program at Position Imaging gives our partners selling into the same space the ability to broaden the portfolio of products they offer their clients with the most advanced solutions on the market. We’re looking to work closely with our partners to create mutually beneficial relationships that grow together through innovation and delivering greater value together,” said Jacqueline Cournoyer, Director of Dealer Relations, Position Imaging.

Companies interested in learning more or signing up can do so here.

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