Simplifying eCommerce Fulfillment


Simplify the BOPIS and eCommerce Fulfillment Process

Position Imaging’s iPickup® solution is focused on expediting the pickup process for BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) and Click-and-Collect orders.

We use computer vision to track package location and light guidance and/or audio prompts to facilitate retrieval, dramatically cutting down time and errors.

Unlike package lockers, our hardware and software platform is scalable, modular, and can be installed in storage rooms, behind counters, or in open shelving on the sales floor. iPickup can function both as a self-serve or associate driven solution.

With no upfront hardware or installation costs, no maintenance expenses, and no significant change in operation, iPickup is perfect for any retailer looking to simplify BOPIS.

The Problem

BOPIS Orders are the Future but Most Retailers Can’t Handle eCommerce Fulfillment

A poorly designed pickup process is slow and frustrates customers

Package Lockers and Package Towers are expensive, restrictive, fixed, and take up space

Staffed pickup counters take associates away from selling

How iPickup Works

Innovative Custom Software & Unique Computer Vision Technology

iPickup continually tracks the ID and position of every item on its shelves, alerting the customer as soon as an order is ready for pickup. When the customer arrives, they can provide a receipt or order pickup number and intuitive light and audio guidance directs them to the items for pick-up, alarming if the wrong item is taken by mistake.

The Benefits of iPickup

Your Staff & Customers Will Thank You

Retailers are leveraging their brick-and-mortar stores to fulfill online sales resulting in more volume. Most Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) solutions are expensive, require additional staff, or significant changes in operation. iPickup was designed to provide retailers with a streamlined plug-and-play solution for eCommerce fulfillment that is affordable, scalable, flexible and improves the customer Click-and-Collect pickup experience.


No upfront hardware or installation costs and no maintenance expenses

No retail lockers or robots. You don’t even need a storage room


Easily add modules during peak seasons or as order volume increases

Install in a room, behind a counter, or in open shelving on the sales floor


Self-service or staff-operated with no significant change in operation

Uses your labeling & locates items by scanning barcodes, receipts, etc.


Computer vision knows where each item is located at all times

Light & audio guidance ensure the right items are picked up

How iPickup Compares

A Scalable BOPIS & eCommerce Fulfillment Solution

Pickup is unlike any other BOPIS or eCommerce fulfillment solution and is a better alternative to retail lockers, vending machines, towers, robots, or even store associates. Our proprietary Amoeba™ computer vision technology monitors orders waiting for customer pickup. It provides a digital breadcrumb trail of every item that goes through the in-store pickup process, reducing the risk of lost or stolen items, and making eCommerce fulfillment easier than ever for customers and merchants.

Package Lockers

Requires expensive equipment

Take up space and are in a fixed location

Limits the size & quantity of items

Vending Machines

Expensive to install & maintain

Cumbersome to stock

Limits the types of items

Staffed Counters

Requires staff to search and retrieve each customer’s items which can lead to delays and frustration

The Results

iPickup Empowers Retailers to:

Easily & affordably implement a BOPIS & eCommerce fulfillment solution

Win multi-channel customer loyalty & generate new incremental sales

Improve customer experience while allowing staff to focus on their core selling duties

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