Peacock Properties Update

Posted On March 1, 2022

Originally Posted at BLDUP

At Peacock Properties, staying ahead of trends and using technology such as PropTech Solutions is essential to growth and continued success. When utilized effectively, PropTech can create a better experience for both residents and property managers while creating value through efficiency and cost-saving. PropTech’s versatility can accommodate any property type ranging from single-family homes to commercial buildings. Through innovation and problem-solving, PropTech Solutions can help meet the diverse demands of property management.

Each month we highlight a PropTech solution primarily focused on the multifamily sector. This month we focus on Position Imaging, a worldwide leader in package management. Handling the ongoing, increased influx of packages has become a major pain point for most property managers. Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room utilizes unique Computer Vision technology that tracks packages to ensure simple and secure package delivery and retrieval. The Smart Package Room empowers any property to easily implement an affordable and scalable package management solution that improves the delivery and pickup experience for couriers and residents, reduces the potential for lost or stolen packages, and increases staff productivity by allowing staff to focus on their core duties.

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