NYC apartment complex installs ‘smart package room’

Posted On March 8, 2022

Originally Posted at Kiosk Marketplace

A New York City apartment/duplex complex, 210-220 E. 22nd Street, has installed Position Imaging Inc.’s “smart package room” to better manage the process of receiving and distributing packages delivered to the lobby area, according to a press release. The technology reduces courier drop-off time to less than 10 seconds per package, removes staff interaction, eliminates packages cluttering the lobby area, and improves residents’ living experience with secure, 24/7 package retrievals.

A courier can scan the packages’ label at the entry point kiosk, unlock the door and place an item onto the shelf. Once on the shelf, computer vision technology monitors each package, while automatically generating a notification with a QR code to the resident via email or text. The resident then scans the QR code at the room’s secure entryway to open the door, where audio and lasers guide them to their package. If an incorrect item is taken from the shelf, an audio notification will alert the resident to their mistake.

The fully automated system removes the concierge from the package management process.

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