New York apartment building installs Position Imaging automated package room

Posted On March 11, 2022

Originally Posted at Parcel and Postal Technology International

The apartment building on 210-220 E 22nd Street in New York City has implemented a Smart Package Room by package logistics and asset tracking technology company Position Imaging to better manage the process of receiving and distributing packages.

With the increasing number of deliveries, the move is expected to reduce courier drop-off time to less than 10 seconds per package, as well as remove staff interaction and improve the security of package deliveries. Within this system, couriers scan the packages’ label at the delivery address entry point kiosk, unlock the door and place an item onto the shelf. Once on the shelf, computer vision technology monitors each package, while automatically generating a notification with a QR Code to the resident via email or text. The resident scans the QR code at the room’s secure entryway to open the door, where audio and lasers guide them to their package. If an incorrect item is taken from the shelf, an audio notification will alert the resident to their mistake.

Jarrod Traub, property manager at 210-220 E 22nd Street, said, “With the Smart Package Room, we were able to reduce labor costs, while also allowing the staff more time to do their assigned daily activities. In addition, package retrieval times have significantly trimmed down and the lobby clutter from stored packages of all sizes has all but disappeared. There’s a lot of productivity that can be gained through staff. It gives staff members the ability to take on different responsibilities that are better suited towards making the community really shine. And that’s where we see a lot of value.”

Vincent Cricco, general manager of 210-220 E 22nd Street, said, “In the past, I’ve seen couriers going floor to floor for an hour and a half to deliver packages. Now with the Smart Package Room, it takes them 5-10 seconds per package to securely drop them off. They are all quite happy with the new system.”

Ned Hill, founder and CEO of Position Imaging, said, “We are excited to hear that our Smart Package Room is having such a profound impact on the working and living experiences at 210-220 E 22nd Street. In the same manner that the internet, wi-fi and cable TV has had a dramatically positive impact on residents’ experiences, we are now finding that our system is quickly becoming the next must-have apartment amenity, that also simplifies staff and couriers’ work.”

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