November 2022 roundup: New multifamily products

Posted On November 28, 2022

Smart package scanning, a video analytics dashboard and durable deck railings make their debut.

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Smart package scanning

A package room full of shelves, cameras and packages.
Courtesy of Position Imaging

Position Imaging Inc.’s Smart Package Room platform now includes In-Room Scanning, which moves the package scanning and assignment process from an exterior kiosk to a mobile, handheld device in the room. According to Position Imaging, this change will not only allow couriers to scan items closer to the dropoff location, but also makes scanning easier and faster by converting the process to a single-hand action.

The base Smart Package Room incorporates a series of “computer vision” devices to track and monitor packages. Once a courier scans in and places a package, residents are immediately notified and may use a PIN or QR code to enter the room, where visual and audio cues from the computer vision devices will guide them to their package. The room also includes cold storage for perishable food items and a hanging rack for dry cleaning dropoff.

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