Why a Smart Package Room is Better than a Pickup Locker

The rise of eCommerce and same-day delivery have pushed the need for a convenient and secure option when it comes to package management. What happens when large residential buildings or apartment complexes face the onslaught of package delivery?  A quick option is to leave it at the concierge’s desk.

But the concierge desk was not created to hold packages for residents. Property staff cannot focus on their top priority – the residents – when they are receiving, sorting and maintaining package security.

This is why pickup lockers became the next stage in the evolution of residential package management. But a key problem with lockers is space. Lockers require quite a bit of working volume because of the material (oftentimes metal) needed to put them together. There are doors and shelves that must be implemented.

Additionally, if a management company realizes they need to scale their pickup area, more materials are required to make room for the lockers. Do you even have a current room that can accommodate the additional lockers? What if you realize not enough of the lockers are being utilized and you need to downsize? That too can be time consuming and costly.

The shape of lockers can also be a hindrance. Let’s say that a locker slot is 18” by 18”. But what if the majority of packages delivered are just 6” by 6”? It’s a waste of space. To a similar degree, what happens if a courier is delivering an oddly shaped package, such as a whiffle ball bat, and it’s too large to fit in the assigned locker? Does the courier simply leave the item sitting near the locker and hope for the best, or see if the concierge can hold on to the item? Not only is neither option ideal, they’re not secure.

No longer the only game in town

This is where new technology, designed to aid in the guidance, security and management of packages as they are delivered and subsequently picked up, comes into play.

A Smart Package Room ensures that existing space is properly utilized. Instead of bulky lockers, efficient and scalable shelves are installed. This allows management companies to adjust as necessary, making better use of their working package management volume. Whether you need to downsize or grow, the shelving needed with a Smart Package Room is very cost-efficient.

Furthermore, the setup can be done in one day. Training is fast and streamlined because it is not necessary to have staff members manning the area. Couriers will also have a much easier time finding space for packages and parcels of all sizes – no more leaving items haphazardly off to the side.

Another less-than-ideal option has been that properties stop accepting packages altogether. Whether because they found it was not a good use of staff time, lockers were bulky or another reason, the outcome of doing this is angering residents. They want to receive their packages, but property managers want an efficient way to keep up with the increasing volume of items without sacrificing staff members’ time.

Pickup lockers were an important stage but they are not the end game. New technology makes everything from drop off to pickup convenient for everyone involved in the package lifecycle.

The Smart Package Room from Position Imaging will help couriers, residents and property managers keep up with deliveries. More cost-effective and space-saving than pickup lockers, the Smart Package Room also keeps packages safe and secure until residents are able to grab their items. Reach out to our team to learn more about how the Smart Package Room can elevate your property to the next level in package management.  

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