Real-time asset location drives intelligent business decisions


Accurate Real-Time Asset Location for Warehouses, Transportation, Mining & Manufacturing

amoebaRTLS™ provides spatial transparency, by visualizing and recording the location of automated mobile robots, human-operated vehicles, power equipment, tools, components, materials, and people. This gives you the ability to take action in real-time as well as analyze historical location information to make improved business decisions based on facts.

The Problem

Most Companies Are Not Equipped to Properly Manage Real-time Asset Location

A lack of insight into indoor-location tracking information limits your ability to know what is actually occurring on the facility floor

Companies waste time, money & resources searching for tools, equipment, parts & components

Without real-time insight, there is little understanding of what is in the manufacturing pipeline at any given moment in time

Complying & reporting for regulatory standards for the safety of employees & visitors is difficult to maintain

How amoebaRTLS Solves These Problems

Knows More About Your Space Than You Do

amoebaRTLS brings transparency into your space creating a 3D real-time Virtual Twin to view all tracked assets. PODs are placed strategically and auto-calibrated to enable a 3D location-based view into the space. Tags can be placed on assets, objects or people, and a single web-based application provides a simple interface to manage, view, and analyze assets within the monitored space. This creates spatial transparency in real-time to find, track, and analyze a constantly moving environment.

The Benefits of amoebaRTLS

Monitoring Things that Move


Best-in-class accuracy, utilizing UWB technology, over the broadest tag range


Cost competitive with the accuracy & performance required to support automation & improve safety


Easy to install & expand making it ideal for use in multiple locations – self-configuring & self-healing


Support of multiple technologies to best match use case with the lowest cost solution


Virtual Pin location of thousands of assets very inexpensively, no physical tag required


Included is a precise 3D Virtual Twin of your space giving you the spacial transparency you need to make accurate business decisions

One Web Interface Controls It All

A Real-time Location Solution Accessible From Anywhere

amoebaRTLS has a single user interface called “NucleusVII”, that controls all functions and is accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any networked device.

NucleusVII is powerful and intuitive to navigate, giving transparency to your environment:

3D Real-time Views

Geofence Control

Network Management

Historical Data

Live Analytics

Additional features include:


Overlay of heatmaps


Graph statistics such as idle time per asset by asset type or asset group


Self-monitoring – alert if the system needs attention


Locate tagged asset for virtual pinned items, view the wayfind path to the exact location with a click

Integration to back-end tools such as WMS, ERP, or customer communication software is straight forward using our REST API or Azure IoT Hub.

The Results

The Smart Package Room Empowers Properties To

Gain insight into what is actually occurring on the facility floor

Locate & keep track of tools, equipment, parts & components

Better understand what is in the manufacturing pipeline at any given moment

Comply & report for regulatory standards for the safety of employees & visitors

amoebaRTLS UWB Technology Wins Over Other Technologies

If You Are Struggling With:

  • Lack of specific location information in real-time
  • System downtime due to maintenance Issues
  • Desynchronization and damaged antennas that increase maintenance as well as system cost 
  • Limited range between antennas and tags introduces more hardware and possible dead zones 
  • Interference from other devices, metal and water causing poor or inaccurate location data

See if amoebaRTLS is Right for You

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