Our Partners

Here at All About Security we meet our customer needs through strong industry experience and numerous vendor relationships. With over 15 years of experience in mid/high rise multifamily and commercial properties, we specialize in card readers, cameras, telephone entry, and emergency call stations systems for any type of building or property. We are suited to meet any task. Let us help you to secure your building one system at a time. 

ePropertyCare brings smart home technology into the rental property market with a strong focus on landlords, developers and property managers. ePropertyCare provides security, access control, video monitoring and other smart building solutions that scale from single-family units to large multi-dwelling complexes.

ePropertyCare is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information on ePropertyCare, visit them on Facebook or find them online at https://epropertycare.com.

“As a company that prides itself on innovation, we decided to become a reseller partner because not only does it fit with what we like to do, but their technology, engineering, design and thought process is incredible!  Position Imaging has raised the bar on how the world views smart packaging rooms, and we look forward to more innovative technology and collaborations in the near future.

Howard Hunter


We selected Position Imaging as our partner for package delivery room technology because of their thought leadership in the PropTech space,” said referral partner.

As a firm that works with multifamily owners, operators and developers every day, ePropertyCare delivers an exceptional smart apartment/smart building technology package, that allows our clients to leverage our partner ecosystem as their one-stop-shop for everything they need to technologically advance their operations. We firmly believe that like-minded firms can do exceptional things together.

Jeff Hoch

Chief Revenue Officer